Stopping by the Red Trolley at 32nd and Clay in the Lower Highlands-ish area is a real treat for kids of all ages.

For adults, you will enjoy fresh ground Novo Coffee made in one of only 250 Clover machines in the world (think automated French Press?). This is some smooooooth Joe.

Kids and adults alike will be able to enjoy the 100% buffalo hot dogs, home made all natural gelato and ice cream.

Click on the “More” below the logo for a special deal on hot dogs…


Howdy ~ Working in my “remote office” today out of St. Mark’s Coffeehouse in Uptown on 17th in Denver. The egg and cheese breakfast bagels were yummy, the coffee is delicious and the free wifi keeps productivity high. Come enjoy a seat at one of the many creative granite tables or sit in the fun super-tall chairs and enjoy a great Denver coffee house.

Wash Perk is one of those rare neighborhood gems. Located in Washington Park, Wash Perk really cares about the neighborhood in which it is located. Blessed with a dog-friendly patio, each hand-brewed cup of coffee really warms the soul. The Wash Perk web site is updated weekly with events in the neighborhood. Wash Perk Hours Saturdays-Sundays 7am-4pm. Mondays-Fridays 6am-6pm.

Wash Perk is located at 853 E. Ohio Ave. Denver, CO 80209 (720) 542-9202

In their words:


We take great pride in going out of our way to utilize local suppliers to minimize our global footprint. We seek out eco-friendly products and service companies with a commitment to a better planet. We also work with several businesses around town to promote our community. Please take a look at all of the fabulous companies that Wash Perk does business with.


Howdy ~

Today I’m writing you from the DU Starbucks located on University between Buchtel/I-25 and Evans.

While this Denver Starbucks has fairly limited seating, it does have some nice outdoor seats and is popular with the local students.

The major upside is that it is attached to a Bruegger’s, so if you’re hungry, you can get some real food instead of all the sugary, empty food Starbucks offers.

From time to time, everyone needs the warmth and love of a cup of coffee at home. What’s your favorite brand to make in your kitchen? Do you drip or french press?

How Starbucks might kill freelancing – or the other way around –> Repost note, the WSJ article mentions that Starbucks has no intention of stopping laptop users… ~ Rick, your Host

August 12, 2009 · 4 Comments

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Rumor has it that Obama’s inauguration speech was written by his gifted young speech writer at a Starbucks. That may well be the most famous piece of work ever produced in a coffee shop, but it’s by far not the only one. When I think about coffee shops, I think of freelancers. And when I think about freelancers, I think of Starbucks. But how much longer will this happy symbiosis last?

What triggered my worries was a story in the Wall Street Journal the other day (sorry, took me a few days to sit down and write this). Some coffee shops in New York have started to limit the availability of WiFi or restricted the hours in which you can have a laptop on your desk.

The reasons for this backlash aren’t that hard to guess. Tons of people come to coffee shops to have one cup of tea, no sugar, and then spend the rest of their visit working on whatever they’re working on as freelancers. Hence, other people have no place to sit and enjoy their double chocolate muffin and vanilla latte. The recession may have made the situation worse, as some freelancers probably canceled their home broadband connection for good (if not their entire rental agreement). Ironically enough, the same coffee shops that now suffer the burden of too many freelancing, space-wasting customers once invited them in as a nice strategy to attract business.


Howdy ~

So you might be thinking, “A Starbucks review? Really?”

This is an extremely popular store, so I thought I’d share a little blurb, after all, I did spend about 30 days straight here while studying for the Bar Exam back in 2000 (I’m a recovering attorney).

It seems that no matter what time of day I go to this Starbucks, the place is PACKED! I was there at 1:00 a.m. once (don’t ask why)… PACKED!

You will find this is quite the social hangout for everyone from office workers to recent immigrants to college kids. As an added bonus, the Barnes and Noble recently introduced FREE wi-fi via AT&T, so kick back with a cup of Joe, read a magazine in the less noisy reading section of the B&N and/or surf the web. It’s all good.

Colorado Blvd Barnes & Noble Starbucks

Colorado Blvd Barnes & Noble Starbucks

960 S Colorado Blvd Glendale, CO 80246 303-691-2998

Tattered Cover 2526 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO

There is a strong chance that you, like me, miss the old four story location of local Denver bookstore and coffee joint in Cherry Creek. However, given rent increases in the Cherry Creek neighborhood for local businesses, I understand why the Tattered Cover moved and believe that the Tattered Cover did a huge favor for the Colfax business district by locating in its current location. What a boost to the local economy and to the overall gentrification of one of Denver’s prime conduits.

The Tattered Cover is an unbelievably cool bookstore, hence you can be distracted for hours here while sipping coffee and reading any one of the 100s of magazines near by. Park on the street at the meters or around back in the new multi-story lot.

Jonesing for a Tattered Cover experience near you? Visit the location downtown or in Highlands Ranch.


What’s better than visiting Paris?  Paris on the Platte in Denver Colorado.

Paris’ groovy flash web site shares pictures of the coffee house, a bio on the current artist and has a forum for visitors.

In their words:  Paris on the Platte opened its doors on September 19, 1986.  It continued the tradition of other great coffeehouses in Denver.  It all started in 1972 at the Signs of the Taro Coffeehouse which later became the Zodiac Coffeehouse which we owned and operated here in Denver.  Later we opened Left Bank Books which was next door to Muddys, which was Denver’s alternative site for many ears.  When they closed, we moved the whle thing down the street to its present location.  We hope you enjoy your stay!!

Paris on the Platte serves Slow Roasted River Roasted locally brewed coffee.  Many roasters use temperatures approaching 450 degrees; they save time and money by using such high temperatures.  Our beans, on the other hand, are roasted at temperatures closer to 390 degrees.  You know that our beans are not burned before they’re roasted all the way through, making the flavor cleaner and richer.  Paris on the Platte roasts their beans every Monday, in case you were searching for the source of that yummy, yummy scent in the air.

Where is Paris on the Platte?  You can find Paris on the Platte at 1553 Platte St Ste 102 Denver CO (303) 455-2451.

Paris on the Platte III
Photo by Umbersun

Any time that I am showing homes to clients up in the Highlands or Sloans Lake (I think I was in over 300 homes in that area in 2008 alone), I always stop in at Common Grounds and “office” with their free wireless while looking at the intersection of 32nd and Lowell.

I am always greeted with friendly staff and a full house of customers.  Here is a little bit about this growing local chain from their web site:

Common Grounds, a coffeehouse, was opened by Mary and Lisa Rogers in 1992 as an alternative to the Denver bar scene.

In 1992 alternative meant “No Smoking,” charging a whole 75¢ for a cup of coffee, and offering a live music stage. It also meant taking a chance on a struggling neighborhood, the Highlands.

We’ve grown since then by opening another location in Crestone in 1994 (although we closed it in 1995) and then our third store in LoDo in 1999.

In 2002, we began roasting our own coffee under the name Highland Coffee & Tea. We are still family owned and operated.

West Highland Neighborhood Location
3484 W. 32nd Avenue at 32nd and Lowell Blvd. – 303-458-5248

In 1992 we shared the block with Pizza Alley, the original location of Sabor Latino, a few liquor stores, a furniture store and kitchen cabinet maker. Now, the whole of the Highlands Neighborhoods have blossomed into life and the strip runs from Iriving to Perry! We are still front and center and full of activity. We now offer soups, salads, and sandwiches in addition to the best coffee, espresso, and tea drinks in Denver. As of 2007 you may also enjoy beer and wine at this location. And don’t forget we serve Denver-made Liks Premium ice cream!

Downtown LoDo Location – We have moved diagonally across the street to:
1550 17th Street, Suite 110 on the corner of 17th & Wazee – 303-296-9248

If you find yourself Downtown, remember we have a fantastic location just up from Union Station across the street from the Oxford Hotel and McCormicks. Smack dab in the middle of the action only a short walk from all the major sports stadiums and arts venues. In addition to thier menu of food, this store will also soon be offering beer and wine.

Common Grounds Logo

Common Grounds Logo